Terms & Conditions

1. The customer declares himself in agreement with our standard terms and conditions when placing an order. Failure of the customer to reveal any particular terms of business on their side does not in any way imply our consent to them. In particular, the delivery or provision of services does not constitute implied acceptance of the customer’s terms and conditions. Alterations, supplementary agreements and additions to the Standard Terms of Business require our written confirmation.

2. All offers are subject to change and are non-binding. All documents relating to these offers, including figures, drawings, weights or dimensions and including any other technical information and references to technical standards and designs merely indicate the object of the agreement and are subject to written confirmation of technical properties. All prices are quoted for deliveries ex-factory including loading in factory and excluding standard packaging and VAT. Our offers are based on the latest technical developments, the relevant accident prevention regulations, safety regulations etc at the time of making the offer.

3. For content and scope of the contract our written confirmation of the order is definitive. Supplementary agreements, additions etc require our written confirmation.

4. We only accept prepayment. Our request minimum value is 50 Euro.

5. In the event that after closing of contract we become aware of circumstances which substantially bring the credit-worthiness of the customer into question, or if payment terms are not met, we are entitled to demand at our discretion payment in advance of any liabilities arising out of the business relationship or to ask for appropriate securities.

6. If circumstances arising out of our control, including but not limited to operational disturbances, strikes or lock-outs, freight disruption and any other unforeseeable shortages which occur with our suppliers, and which cause the failure or delay of consignments or services, we reserve the right to deliver at a later date or to withdraw wholly or partly from the contract without the customer having the right to claim damages. In the event of a delay in delivery or services the customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract after the expiry of a reasonably extended deadline of at least 2 weeks. Any withdrawal from contract must take place through written declaration.

7. All shipments are insured. A statement of any damages or shortages to the consignment must be drawn up immediately after receipt. Liability for the risk of accidental damage passes to the purchaser when the consignment is handed over to the freight carrier, but at the latest when the consignment leaves the warehouse. Specific shipping instructions of the customer are only binding if agreed to in writing. Otherwise delivery will be made as we deem best and under exclusion of any liability for the choice of mode of shipment. Shipment takes place at the expense of the buyer. For orders within Germany and with a minimum net value of 770 Euro there is no freight delivery charge.

8. The following conditions apply to our warranty and liability for defects in delivery or service, including incorrect delivery or performance: any claims must be made in writing within one week of receipt of goods or services. In the event of justified complaint, excluding the absence of guaranteed qualities, we reserve the right to remedy the defective delivery or service within a reasonable space of time. Where applicable, we may recall the defective goods and supply a replacement; we will not assume responsibility for the costs of assembly, disassembly, or installation. The customer is obliged to allow us the opportunity for rectification during normal working hours by prior agreement.

9. We retain title to all goods supplied pending full and complete payment and until all present and future claims arising out of the business relationship have been met. If the customer acquires sole or shared ownership on the basis of the joining, combining, mixing or processing of our consignment (with other consignments) then we shall have ownership to the ratio of the value of our consignment in relation to the other goods with which it is joined, combined or mixed. Any treatment or processing is covered according to Paragraph 950 BGB without any obligation on our part. Furthermore is any resale prohibited.

10. Only goods specifically listed on the delivery note can be returned. Goods which have been damaged are non-returnable. The cost and risks of return freighting of the returned goods will be borne by the customer. Returned goods will be refunded less a deduction of 20% of the purchase price.

11. The relinquishing of claims against the customer which are due to us in the business relationship is excluded.

12. We will only be liable for deliberate or gross negligence of our agents and senior management, or vicarious agents and assistants. Otherwise any claims for damages arising from fault during the contract negotiations, from actual breach of contract, arising out of a punishable act, or contractual rights ( such as consultation or information about qualities, applications, service requirements etc) are ruled out. In particular we will only be liable for consultations for which a separate payment was agreed.

13. Place of dispatch for all shipments and payments is Berlin, Germany. Sole place of jurisdiction is Amtsgericht Berlin-Charlottenburg.

14. The contractual relationship is governed by German law. The application of the uniform law governing the international purchase of movable objects is excluded.

15. Should any of the above stated provisions be either fully or in part invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions of contract shall not in any way be affected.